Emily + John | St. Paul, Minnesota

It was a beautiful and sunny February afternoon for an engagement session.  Emily and John, I had so much fun!  It’s so awesome to see people so in love!!  So excited for your wedding!

we also so a seldom seen albino squirrel…

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2429

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2462

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2468

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2506

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2522

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2546

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2578

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2606

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2623

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2661

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2699

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2734

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2736

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2739

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2745

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2749

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2755

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2767

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2801

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2826

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2827

Emily_John Engagement_IMG_2829-2

albino squirrel_IMG_2672